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A new mid-week bible study will start this Wednesday, September 13, 2023. While trying to decide what to do next for a mid-week bible study, I had a couple of people ask me some eschatological questions; I decided to focus our mid-week Bible study around that topic. I plan to do a 30,000-foot type study; we will zero in on some areas and touch on others as it is such a broad subject to consider. Below are some areas that I plan to look at.  

Is God finished with Israel? 


What is the rapture?


Is the rapture biblical?


Who or what is the antichrist?


What is the mark of the beast?


​When is the world coming to an end?


Are the good or the wicked taken when Jesus returns?


Who are the 144,000 in the Bible?


What are some signs of the End Times? 


We will consider Revelation 20 and talk about the four main views of the millennium in eschatology. 

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