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Wednesday Night Bible Study (6:30-8:00pm)
Starting on January 11, 2023 a study on 1 Peter will begin 

Living in close proximity to Jesus Christ for more than three years provided the apostle Peter with the best possible example of what it looked like to live in holiness amid a hostile world. More than any other man who walked the earth, Jesus modeled that lifestyle. Peter, therefore, pointed his readers in the best possible direction, to Jesus Himself. The apostle called Christians to "sanctify Christ as Lord" in their hearts so that believers might live and act as Jesus desires during their short time here on earth (1 Peter 3:14–18). This would include submission to authority—even unjust authority—in the government, home, and workplace. Jesus becomes the focal point for ordering one's life amid trials and tribulations. By rooting their perseverance in the person and work of Christ, believers can always cling to hope while suffering.

​Unjust or unforeseen suffering is one of the significant problems that grip people's hearts today. We struggle with frustration, anger, and uncertainty when strange and unexpected trials land on our doorsteps. Too often, in those most difficult moments of our lives, confusion reigns while contentment wanes; questions arise while prayer subsides.


​How do you react when suffering comes? Many crumble at the mere thought of another pain or trial. Others rise to the occasion. Most of us are somewhere in between. Peter's encouragement to his Christian readers is one of perseverance in faith. It isn't enough for us to get up every morning and trudge through each day; neither is it advisable to paste a smile on our faces and ignore troubles. Instead, the lesson of 1 Peter is to push through the hardships, recognizing their temporary presence in our lives while walking in holiness and hope as people of faith. So press on! It is in the darkest times that our collective light shines brightest.


Bring a bible, pen, and a heart to learn. Pastor Jason will be leading this particular study. 

Contact Pastor Jason with any questions regarding the study. 

Phone: 541-892-3565


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